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2 x White Background Photos (with model)

4 x Lifestyle Photos (with model)

1 X Infographic

Photos will be fully edited.


About Us:

✪ 8 years experience in Professional photography
✪ Newest equipment and Professional studio
✪ 10 years experience in Professional Photoshop editing
✪ internatıonal Photography awards
✪ Product photography of any kind
✪ +10k Professional photoshoots

Model Agency
✪ Continuously updated Professional Models team
✪ Models of any age and specially selected for the product
✪ Models of different ethnic groups (American, European, African, Asian, Latin)
✪ Special models for swimsuits and underwear photoshoots
✪ The sweetest baby and kids models
After 8 year experience of working in Turkey as a Professional photographer for different companies, 2 years ago I have started to work only on Fiverr. We have been working for a lot of companies including Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress by establishing a professional model agency with 20 models and a professional studio.
Thanks for being interested in my services. My studio is located in Antalya, Turkey. So my customers, who are generally Amazon sellers, ship their products to me for the photoshoots. It takes 2-8 days to receive the parcel from the USA, China or Europe.
Once your product is delivered we arrange a photoshoot within 5 days and shoot photos which fully meet your requirements.
If you have any custom request or for a quick consultation, drop me a message.
1- Should I send my product to you?
- If you want to impress your customers with really Professional good quality photos, you should send the product which is going to be shooted to us.
2- How long does it take to ship the product from the USA?
- It takes 2-8 days to receive the parcel from the USA, China or Europe.
3- Do you have baby models?
- Currently we have 3 available baby models. However, we can find a baby of the age and appearance you wish within 3 days.
4- Can I choose the model?
- You can choose the model, if you buy a Premium gig.
5- Can you give me your shipping address?
- Once you make an order, we will immediately write you our shipping address.
6- Do you shoot underwear, lingerie and swimmsuits with the models?
- We can shoot any kind of product with the models, however for some products the price can vary, thats why please contact us before making an order.
7- Will you ship my product back?
- Yes, once you pay shipping expenses we will send your product back to you in 15 days.
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